Song of a Dream Appreciation and Questions and Answers

Song of a dream is a beautiful poem written by our great Indian poet Sarojini Naidu. She is famously known as the Nightingale of India and she is the first woman to become the governor of an Indian State.

This poem Song of a Dream is about Sarojini Naidu’s beautiful dream and beautiful vision for her motherland where Truth, Love and Peace coexist.

The poet was alone in a magical wood in her dream. This magical wood is the perfect land of ideal values such as truth, love and peace and it stands for her motherland India.

Her soul deep vision for this magical wood was like a poppy. She could hear the songs of the birds that were the Spirits of Truth, she could see the shining stars that were the Spirits of Love and she could enjoy the flowing streams that were the Spirits of Peace.

The poet’s wish was to become the part of nation with full of love, truth and peace. To quench love,truth this longing, the poet bent herself low to the streams of the spirits of peace.

The theme of the poem is extremely appealing. It conveys the message that everyone should try to make their life on the foundation of these values.

The poet is speaking about the stars gathering and gleaming. She feels that the people of India are coming together for a free nation.

Delicate youth is marked by great enthusiasm and energy. It is a period of dreams and visions. When the energy is positively channelised, we can fulfill cur dreams.

The structure of the poem is in two stanzas of seven lines each with a rhyme scheme AABBCCD. The poet compares her soul deep vision is like a bloomed poppy, which is an example of Simile.

The spirits of truth are the singing birds, the spirits of love are the shining stars and the spirits of peace are the flowing streams. All these are the perfect examples for metaphor in the poem.

This poem becomes more beautiful with Visual images like ‘wood’, ‘poppy’, ‘birds’, ‘stars’, ‘streams’ and ‘grove’. ‘The birds that sang’ creates an Auditory image.

The expressions like ‘lone in the light’, ‘stars of the spirits of love’, ‘gather and gleam’, ‘songs of the spirits’ and ‘streams of the spirits’ are the examples for Alliteration.

Song of a Dream Questions and Answers

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