Poetry by Pablo Neruda Analysis and Questions and Answers

In the poem ‘Poetry’ the poet Pablo Neruda talks about poetry that arrived in search of him. He did not know where it came or how or when. He did not hear voices speaking to him.

He says, he summoned by an invisible force. The theme of the poem is the ecstatic experience of the poet. The poet is embraced by the poetic creativity.

Before poetry arrived in search of him, he was man without a personal identity.

It is an inexplicable experience for the poet when he was touched by the poetry. He became somewhat blind and dumb.

Something started in his mind, fever of forgotten wings Fire of poetic inspiration or hidden and nameless emotions. He was so inspired that he composed his first faint lines without much confidence.

Although, he was an infinitesimal by the touch of poetry, he was suddenly, elevated to a world of ecstasy.

The style of the poet is simple. “The poetry arrived insearch of the poet and touched him” – assuming poetry as a person, the poetic device personification is very aptly applied here.

We can see the literary device ‘contrast’ here. Example – winter or river.

We can see examples for alliteration and assonance.

The poet also used beautiful images especially visual images in the poem.

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